All About Ultra Odors Gone

At Ultra Odors Gone, we have years of experience applying practical solutions to difficult odor problems.

Located in Zeeland, Michigan we are a tight-knit group who work hard to make sure your home or business get the best odor removing products!

We like to think of our company like we do our products: powerful and effective.

Each Ultra Odors Gone product is made in the US and only contains the finest natural ingredients that work by absorbing and neutralizing odor causing particles instead of just covering them up.

Our Ultra Odors Gone formula reduces in size as it reacts with odors, lasting 30-90 days depending on airflow, the potency of your odor, and how much of our formula is exposed.

We strive to create an effective product that keeps your space smelling its best, while also being kind to the world we live in. That’s why all of our products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable, leaving you without risk of over-exposure from the product to your eyes and skin or through ingestion or inhalation. Because your safety, and the safety of our world, really matters to us.



The Ultra Odors Gone Story

In the early 1990’s, we developed a semi-solid product designed to eliminate smoke, fire, and wastewater odors.

That’s how Ultra Odors Gone was born – but a lot has changed since then.

For the first 14 years, we worked mostly with commercial clients like waste removal companies, restaurants, hotels and motels, and even rental properties.

It wasn’t until 1997 that we decided to expand our product offering and market our products to consumers.

We’d known for years that this stuff really worked – heck, we’d all been using it in our own musty basements or stinky cars and litter boxes, but it was time that we shared the magic of Ultra Odors Gone with the rest of the world!

With our new, expanded market, we developed additional products – including our airborne and surface sprays that now sit as household favorites! With the introduction of these products, Ultra Odors Gone came to be the product you know and love that rids your home, business, car and beyond of its undesirable odors!

We’ve spent the last 35 years working to create the best product for our customers, and we are so grateful that we’ve been welcomed into homes and businesses in the United States and across the world, including Canada, China, England, South Korea, Taiwan, and more.


“I was transporting chili to a pot luck in my car. The chili got spilled on the floor of the car. I could not get the smell and the stain out. I used the liquid Odor Source Eradicator product and the stain and spill were gone for good.”

- Margaret D. Mt. Pleasant

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“It is in the red container with flowers added! The container is on a shelf above the kitchen stove between the kitchen and living room. I no longer have to spray every evening. Odors are captured and I don't even have to water the artificial posies.”

Diane S.


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