Multi-Purpose Deodorizer

Multi-Purpose Deodorizer


Our water-soluble multi-purpose deodorizer works to neutralize odors by odor pair neutralization. Basically, our formula reacts with the odor, and they chemically cancel each other out. All that matters to you is that the smell is gone.

Our Multi-Purpose Deodorizer is a highly-concentrated, water-soluble odor eliminator. The all-natural, biodegradable formula is designed for use in mop water, carpet or rug shampoo, garbage receptacles or drains, and more.

Use Multi Purpose Deodorizer in washing machine to deodorize hunting and fishing equipment.

Intended for use in homes, daycare facilities, nursing homes and hospitals, schools, hotels, kennels, health clubs, restaurants, and more. This versatile product is sold as a 16 oz. bottle of our highly-concentrated solution and intended to be diluted in water.

Commercial size drums of 5- and 55-gallons are available on special order; please contact us to place a bulk order. 

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We’ve all been there – there’s a lingering odor that just won’t quit! As much as 90% of the population has a need and desire to remove unwanted odors. If that’s you, you need to get Ultra Odors Gone. Our products work to neutralize and eliminate the odor, and they really work. With proper use, our customer satisfaction is nearly 100%. Don’t take our word for it – check out our reviews or try for yourself today!