How Does Ultra Odors Gone Work?

Ultra Odors Gone products are designed to absorb and neutralize odors, both temporary and pervasive, by chemically attracting and trapping the odor particles themselves.

To put it simply: odor sticks to our products instead of lingering in your air, walls, or other soft surfaces.

No, we don’t use fragrance to mask the odors – our product actually eliminates them, once and for all.

To top it all off, all of our products are non-toxic. With a varied product line, we offer something to meet every home or business’s needs.

As much as 90% of the population has both a need and desire to remove unwanted odors, either in their residential or commercial spaces – or both. Our varied product offering has something for everyone’s needs.

With the proper use of our products, customer satisfaction is nearly 100%.

Don’t believe us, just check out our reviews!  


Learn More About Each Product

Odors Gone Block & Odors Gone Semi-Solid Tub

(Small, Medium, Large, Super-Pail)

Our powerful, non-toxic solid and semi-solid products attract odor particles and neutralize them. Think of it like flypaper: the odor is drawn to our formula, and that’s where it stays – in the block or tub!

Shop the Semi Solid Tub here and the Odors Gone Block here.

Ultra Odors Gone Spray

Our unscented, non-toxic spray knocks out on-the-spot odors like cigarette smoke, gasoline smell, pet, food, or garbage odors, and more. When sprayed in the air or on the target surface, the mist reacts with the odor causing particles and neutralizes them. Right then and there – in the air or on the ground.

Shop the Odors Gone Spray here.

Odor Source Eradicator

Our spray is gentle as it harnesses the power of billions of naturally occurring bacteria to remove stains and odors permanently, but gently. The bacteria literally break down the odor source! Plus, it’s safe and biodegradable.

Shop the Odor Source Eradicator here.

Multi-Purpose Deodorizer

Our water-soluble multi-purpose deodorizer works to neutralize odors by odor pair neutralization. Basically, our formula reacts with the odor, and they chemically cancel each other out. All that matters to you is that the smell is gone.

Shop the Multi-Purpose Deodorizer here.

X-Tra Power Grease Trap

Our answer to a more effective way to deal with the grease trap is our block – it’s powered by billions of bacteria that literally consume the discarded grease, fat, or oils. The bacteria even multiply as needed, so there is always adequate supply to break down the grease.

Shop the X-Tra Power Grease Trap here.